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8 Mistakes you should avoid while choosing your Wedding Photographer

Weddings are emotional events and take the chaos of a lot of planning, so knowledge is power – the more you’re aware of potential mistakes when it comes to hiring a photographer, the more you’ll know what to watch out for, promising you to receive the very best photographs of your wedding day!

However, as you go about searching a good wedding photographer for this day, these are the common mistakes you need to keep away from:

Mistake #1: Taking photography lightly

Some couples don’t give ample thought to their wedding photography. So, they start about planning all other aspects of the wedding to perfection, photography coming as it happens.

Sadly, they do not realize is how important wedding photos are. While much other stuff of a wedding rarely goes past the D-day, your wedding photos and videos do. They precisely capture the moments, small talk and emotions of the day. Collections you will enjoy recalling in the years to come.

Mistake #2: Considering the budget above other factors

Surely, we understand you have to cut your coat according to your size. You have a fixed budget and want to hold on it at all costs.

A common observation is that quality is expensive. Cheap wedding photography normally means low Creative people are likely to charge what they think they’re worth.

The wedding event only happens once in a lifetime; invest in good quality photography, even if, it may cost you slightly more.

Mistake #3: Not booking a photographer on time

You going to be mistaken, assuming that the photographer you want will always be available. Excellent photographers operate very busy dates, being fully booked most of the time, especially during wedding season.

So, once you are sure of your wedding dates to do your booking. Do it well in advance, in order that, you enough time to go through other details with your photographer.

Avoid the last minute rush.

Mistake #4: Not ascertaining the competence of the photographer

Whether the photographer has been recommended to you or searched for one, you must confirm expertise. You need to be assured they can take the photos as they claim.

Log in to their websites and check the latest work of the weddings they did. Also, its advice to plan a one-on-one meeting with a photographer. It will give you a chance to seek further clarification.

Simple thumb rule; do not hire a wedding photographer you haven’t met personally.

Mistake #5: Failing to discuss style

Every photographer executes different photography styles. Traditional, reportage, artistic, and photojournalism are some of the most common styles.

Discuss with them and let him/her know what you want. Most photographers are flexible and will click, as you want it done. If they found rigid and want to do it their way you may have to think then.

Mistake #6: Not being clear

Please, do not presume your photographer will just know what you want if you don’t tell them. Tell them clearly what you hope for. If you want anything more tell them. If you need advice or clarification of certain aspects, be modest enough to ask.

Mistake #7: Not considering Assistant Photographer

It's always recommended to couples pays a little extra for an assistant photographer. Which means you’ll obviously have two pairs of skilled eyes watching proceedings – while one photographing the first kiss; assistant is capturing the smiles and tears of joy of your wedding guests. While one is capturing the bride and groom walking down towards me, at the same time the assistant is capturing the reactions of your guests and so on. While one capturing a close-up of the cake cutting, the assistant is taking a wide photograph of everyone present in the room.

MISTAKE #8: Looking on a Friend or Family member who has a “Nice Camera”

Technology is surprising, isn’t it? Just think, ten years before smartphones didn’t exist. Now everyone takes great photos on them and shares their skills all across the Internet. Moreover, “entry-level” cameras are now way cheaper and advance than they’ve ever been, and to top it off “Auto” modes on these cameras are extremely smart and enable most people to take decent photographs. But are you happy with just a “decent” on your wedding day?

You probably know someone who owns one of those DSLR cameras, with the interchangeable lenses and fabulous technology. But do they really know how to use? Would they be able to take a sharp photograph in a dark hall without a flash, without the resulting photo getting blurred?

Ultimately, you cannot mistake to trust them, to capture all these important moments…and more?


Your wedding photographer is someone you will be trusting to capture some of the most cherished memories of your lifetime, so hire the best photographer you can afford, meet them, consider an engagement shoot and enjoy the day!

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