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A Guide To Mehendi Ceremony

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Madhurang studio being a well-known photo studio in surat is here to give you details all about your extraordinary Mehendi ceremony. Along the series of all the pre-wedding rituals celebrating the Heena function is the most delightful, with all the elements of fun and love. This Mehendi occasion is a very aromatic day during the whole wedding season. It is more than just being a fun get-to together, it is tradition, and in some families, a significant ritual. Let’s get on to the guide to Mehendi decorum.

We being Indians are most likely to be involved in joyous yet conservative wedding cultures and traditions. One could belong to any kind of family, the one where Mehendi is just an event and the one where the ceremony is incomplete till the groom finds his initials hidden in the bride’s mehndi. In all this diversity, there is just one constant thing, being a devoted fun party member of the ceremony. We know how weddings work, everything is a huge deal. Mehendi night is definitely one of the most important deals.

Why do we celebrate the Mehendi ceremony?

An exciting pre-wedding Mehendi ceremony has its ways in history and modern terms. In Indian weddings, there is a lot of emphasis on customs and rituals, and the same is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony you are about to have before marriage. The Mehendi ceremony has become an integral part of weddings now, and it can’t be just neglected. Furthermore,

Mehndi is one of the beautiful accessories a bride is to be wearing and her attire is incomplete without it. According to our ritual, the bride is not allowed to step out of the house after this ceremony. Basically hosted by the bride's family, mehndi ceremonies are usually private ones held in front of friends, relatives, and family members. However, the pull of the ceremony depends. Some people celebrate it with great fanfare and spectacle.

Mehendi Ceremony is a Token of love.

The most exciting thing about the Heena function is how bright the color has shown up. This depicts the loving bond between couples and newly wedding couples. More about Heena, it is portrayed with a blossom in her hands, which represents love and hope earing groom.

Make it a fun heena setup.

A mehndi ceremony is more than just placing a mehndi, having fun, and enjoying food. But, it is the day of celebrations, dancing, singing, and enjoying to the fullest till you don’t feel your legs. To make the event more fun and entertaining, you can include some new and exciting elements, like games and competitions. Mehndi designs, dancing, singing, and eating can all be included as competitions where all young and elderly guests can participate. We hope to be an integral part of capturing fun and eventful moments of this holy celebration. We will help you entertain your guests during the mehndi ceremony and make the event memorable. Capturing candids to flawless reel content is our handy work.

The theme of the Mehendi ceremony.


Aromatic Mehendi, flowy lehengas, textured kurtas, lots of dancing, and some fun Mehendi games are the essential elements that will complete the Mehendi ceremony. Women will indeed be more interested in getting their henna done but what about the men? Also, not everyone will sit for the Mehendi at the same time.


The food, drinks, games, clothing, and the actual mehndi ceremony is now all been taken care of. Something is missing, right? The very important point of making the whole venue superbly decorative and picture perfect. If you want the venue to scream for itself on your heena ceremony, We have to have some Pinterest ideas lined up. Some instagrammy themes or a cute selfie setup, a corner to denote your Mehendi ceremony, or a floral arrangement can also be an important part of your Mehendi ceremony. Some plain puffy cushions and colorful dupattas are all covered in embroidered Heena patterns. You may use every hue and vigilant the room in sequinned dupattas and curtains.

Send off

Return gifts and lovely mini packages are always sweet. Gestures show your friends that you absolutely value their time and are glad they came to your mehndi ceremony. Add a little souvenir for everybody. You may get them customized, so that everybody gets something they like, or keep it simple and let them all have the same gifts. You can add mehndi caricatures to the package to remember the day.

Why Madhurang studio for a Mehendi ceremony?

We are into this field of photography for a very long time. From traditions to modern cuts and shoots will be captured to make your day a memorable memory for life. We don’t just do photoshoots of the Mehendi ceremony or just an event. You can book us for the whole wedding session. From the prewedding to the baraat. We will handle it all with beautiful documentation and heavenly rituals.

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