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The Beautiful Wedding Of Gorgeous Couple

“Capturing a moment in time it’s not about securing a memory ,it’s about flying back in time remembering about what a blast it was more and more everyday”.

Let us take you all to the beautiful wedding of a gorgeous couple, and their wonderful story with us.

Frist Meeting

So our first meeting with Vishwa and punjan was so typical. Both the couple came with their family members. The workplace display room became complete of pleasure and joy. They loved the presentation and similarly dialogue of choosing the venue went on. After lots of research finally it was the Phuket chosen as pre-wedding destination.


One of the best destination for pre-wedding shoot. Phuket City, on Phuket Island, is the capital of Thailand’s Phuket Province. In the Old Town, Thalang Road is lined with colorful 19th-century shophouses and Sino-Portuguese buildings. Built in 1903 by a wealthy tin merchant, Baan Chinpracha mansion has Italian floor tiles, shuttered windows and antique furniture. Set in a 1930s manor, the Thai Hua Museum has exhibits on Phuket’s culture and history. Wondering in those jolly place with this beautiful couple, which keep on looking into each other eyes giggling and blushing passing on that perfect pose and vibes to capture those best memories of life to make the bonding strong and lovely.

Wedding Functions


Evening was set, kids running everywhere, ladies gossiping about relatives, mans were in their own world and a father of bride finding her girl. Suddenly speaker stood and announce “here come the female of the day” a beautiful women showed up from no were coming forward from center of crowd with beautiful mendi on hands with two other to take a watch on here.

Why is henna/mehndi accomplished for weddings? For a bride to get geared up for her wedding ceremony, she has to go through 16 beautification, cleansing, and religious rituals known as "solah singar". Henna/mehndi is one of the 16 rituals that is used to enhance the bride.


On the day of her haldi, vishwa wore a warm color combination of a scarlet crimson blouse with a draped yellow saree. The colorations, pink and yellow symbolise good success and praise the bride in this auspicious occasion to start their wedding ceremony festivities! She wore two corsages on her wrist created from infant’s breath this pink flower. She wore jewelry to healthy and a sensitive maang tikka to go along with it.


It is no news that Sangeet ceremonies at Indian weddings have now become a lot like full-fledged productions, with a scale as massive as that of a Bollywood award show nights. In fact, we love it all so much that every time we chance upon a Sangeet dance performance, we play it on repeat innumerable times. So, while we these days chanced upon a bomb bridesmaids dance overall performance from the Sangeet night of Vishwa and punjan, the primary we did became to post it on our Instagram portal (cuz, it was so rattling excellent).

Fera and vidai

One of the most emotional moments of an Indian wedding arrives while all of the rituals and partying recover from and the bride’s vidai takes vicinity. As a lot as she receives enthusiastic about the new beginning, the notion of leaving her family behind makes her coronary heart sink. The complete environment receives so electrified and charged up for the duration of vidai that it is able to simplest be experienced and not described in phrases. Today, we bring to you a few such heart-warming vidai moments from Vishwa punjan wedding.

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