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How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Agarwal/Marwari destination wedding

Agarwal/Marwari weddings are known for their grandeur and extravagance, often involving multiple events and ceremonies. However, planning a budget-friendly Agarwal or Marwari destination wedding in India is possible with careful planning and attention to detail.

Make a budget

Making a budget is crucial in planning any event, including a wedding:

1. List all your anticipated expenses, including venue rental, catering, decorations, transportation, entertainment, and more.

2. Assign an amount to each payment based on your research and estimates.

3. Count all the expenditures to get a total cost.

4. Compare the total price to your available budget and adjust as needed.

It's essential to remember that unexpected expenses may arise, so it's a good idea to set aside some funds for contingencies. Creating and sticking to a budget can help avoid overspending and ensure your wedding is financially manageable.

Choose a budget-friendly destination.

Many options exist when choosing a budget-friendly destination for your Agarwal/Marwari wedding in India. One option is to look for a less popular destination known for weddings, which can often result in lower costs. You can also consider choosing a destination that is easily accessible, with good transportation options, as this can help reduce travel expenses for you and your guests.

Another option is to look for destinations that offer package deals or discounts for weddings, such as hotels or resorts that provide catering and decorations services. By carefully researching and exploring your options, you can find a beautiful and unique destination that fits your budget and creates a memorable wedding experience.

Shortening the rituals

Shortening the rituals in an Agarwal/Marwari wedding can reduce costs and save time. One method to execute this is merging certain ceremonies or skipping some altogether. For example, some couples skip the Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

You can also plan the wedding events more time-efficiently, such as scheduling the wedding and reception on the same day or having a shorter gap between events. However, it's essential to ensure that you stay within the significance and cultural value of the rituals when making these decisions.

Look for deals

Looking for deals can be an excellent way to save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal/Marwari wedding. One way to find deals is to research and compare prices from different vendors, such as caterers, florists, and decorators. You can also take benefit of seasonal bargains, like off-season discounts on venues or flowers. Additionally, you can deal with vendors and ask for package discounts that include numerous services.

Finally, consider booking early, as many vendors offer discounts for early bookings. By taking the time to research and negotiate deals, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of your wedding while still achieving the desired results.

Go for an off-season wedding

An off-season wedding is an excellent way to save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal/ Marwari wedding in India. Off-season weddings typically occur when demand is lower, such as during the monsoon season or during May and June when the heat is at its peak.

Vendors may offer discounts and lower service rates during these times to attract business. Additionally, venues may be more available during off-season months, giving you more options. Planning an off-season wedding can significantly reduce costs and have a beautiful and memorable celebration.

A short guest list

Limiting the guest list can save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal/Marwari wedding. A shorter guest list means fewer people to accommodate, which can reduce expenses on catering, venue rental, and decorations. A smaller guest list can make the wedding feel more intimate and allow for more meaningful interactions between guests.

When creating a guest list, it's essential to prioritize close family members and friends and consider limiting plus-ones and extended family members. By carefully selecting your guests, you can keep costs down while creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Ditch the five-star resort and go for a heritage haveli

Opting for a heritage haveli instead of a five-star resort is an excellent way to save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal/Marwari wedding. Heritage Havelis are traditional mansions or palaces converted into hotels or guesthouses. These venues offer a unique and authentic atmosphere that can add to the charm of a wedding celebration.

Additionally, heritage havelis are often more affordable than five-star resorts, and they offer more flexibility in terms of customization and catering options. Some havelis also offer package deals that include catering and decorations, which can help save costs. You can create a stunning and unforgettable wedding celebration by choosing a heritage haveli without being extravagant.

Minimalistic decor options

Incorporating minimalistic decor options is an excellent way to save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal/ Marwari wedding. Minimalistic decor typically involves using fewer and simpler decorations, which can be cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can use flowers sparingly and opt for more greenery, which is usually less expensive. You can also use candles, lanterns, and fairy lights to make a comfortable and close ambiance.

Additionally, reduce costs using rented or recycled decor items like tablecloths, chair covers, and centerpieces. You can create an elegant and tasteful wedding celebration by choosing minimalistic decor options while staying within your budget.

Get a Maharaj for food

Hiring a Maharaj or a traditional Indian chef can be an excellent way to save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal/Marwari wedding. A Maharaj is trained in cooking authentic and delicious Indian cuisine and can offer various dishes for your wedding feast. By hiring a Maharaj, you can avoid the high costs of catering services and still provide your guests with a memorable and delicious dining experience.

Additionally, a Maharaj can often prepare food on-site, which can add to the overall atmosphere of the wedding celebration. By including a Maharaj in your wedding plans, you can save costs while still providing a high-quality dining experience for your guests.

Get local Rajasthani singers instead of top-notch performers.

Hiring local Rajasthani singers instead of top-notch performers is an excellent way to save money on a budget-friendly Agarwal or Marwari wedding in India. Local singers are often more affordable than professional performers, and they can add a unique and authentic touch to the wedding celebration. Rajasthani folk music is known for its vibrant beats and melodic tunes, and hiring local singers can help create a festive and lively atmosphere.

Additionally, local singers are often more familiar with the regional customs and traditions, which can add to the cultural authenticity of the wedding. Opting for local Rajasthani singers can save costs while providing guests with an enjoyable and memorable musical experience.

Madhurang Studio for destination wedding photography

Madhurang Studio is a popular choice for destination wedding photography, and it's an excellent option for couples looking for high-quality photography services at a budget-friendly price. The studio offers a team of experienced photographers who specialize in capturing candid and natural moments and the traditional rituals and ceremonies of Indian weddings.

They use high-quality equipment and editing techniques to produce stunning and timeless photographs you will cherish forever. Madhurang Studio also offers a variety of customizable packages that can fit your budget, making it an ideal option for couples looking to capture their special day without overspending.

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