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Top ten tips for the novice photographer

If you are new to photography and looking for basics or want to improve your photography skill, here are some crucial tips to make you a better photographer.

Photography is exciting and thrilling. If you love taking pictures wherever you go and are looking for easy ways to enhance your photography skills or master the basics, this article will be very useful for you to learn the basics.

We have itemized some essential information to support you take incredible pictures you always wanted.

But don't forget that photography is a never-ending learning process; even professional photographers keep learning new things or updates regularly. Therefore, you must practice the skill regularly because the more you shoot, the improved result you will achieve. Never forget that a flawless photographer needs minimum editing.

· Top ten tips for novice photographer

1) Begin with basic equipment

The wide range of equipment for photography available now is impressive. New cameras are launched every day with better processors and bigger censors. You may want better and bigger gear, but the latest cameras can't make you a better photographer.

You should know the correct way to use the equipment to get the perfect click that you have in your mind. This is an essential photography tip that is hard to practice. Start with your smartphone, regular camera, or a DSLR.

2) Understand the basic camera setting

Camera setting is a crucial segment of photography that you require to conquer. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO combine to make an exposure. All three parameters, when merged, will regulate the quantity of light that will reach the sensor. Discover the right proportion of these settings prior to clicking a picture.

3) Keep Practicing

Keep practicing by taking pictures daily.

Click pictures every day, and that's how you will take better pictures. Always be ready to experiment, and you will learn a lot.

4) Use the correct lens

Choosing the correct lens is decisive in getting a sharp and perfect picture. Always be sure that the lens is clean before taking a picture. Never clean the lens from inside, as the lens may get damaged.

There are multiple lenses for various types of photography. For example, you need a macro lens when you shoot for small objects like insects to make the thing you are clicking look bigger and capture its detail.

5) Select automatic mode

As a learner of photography, it's tough to figure out the manual settings and use them correctly. Auto mode works best for you, whether it's too bright or dim. The auto mode adjusts accordingly to give you the best results.

6) Avoid blurry pictures

Blurry pictures can be a significant dissatisfaction for the photographer and the viewer. Many times the ambiance

and the lights are perfectly set, but the picture clicked is blurry.

If this is happening on a regular basis, switch on the autofocus feature to have a clearer picture. If you are clicking a moving object, use shutter speed and manual setting to minimize the chance of getting blurry pictures again.

7) Camera should always be still

you are clicking a beautiful landscape where everything is quiet, perfect, and still. But it looks blurry after clicking the picture because the camera was shaking while you clicked it.

Don't depend on your ability to hold the camera still for long periods; purchase a camera stand to ensure the camera is still while you click pictures.

8) Always keep the camera clean

ensure that the camera is protected and clean for better photography. Never use a rough surface for cleaning the lenses. Always use a dust blower and a microfiber fabric for removing dust from the lens. Avoid the front lens from getting wet from wet hands and rain.

9) Enjoy your learning process

photography for beginners is exciting and fun. Always relish the learning procedure, and attempt to look at your immediate environment with a new viewpoint. Never worry about the time you take to learn and click many pictures unless you get your perfect shot. Be creative with shadows, highlights, edits, background, and other functions.

10) Always carry your camera with you

When learning photography, always carry your camera wherever you go as you can capture those candid movements or nature's beauty. That is the only way you will learn fast and may also capture a few masterpieces.

If you have a big event, always think about engaging a skilled photographer to get the most pleasing photographs.

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