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10 Pre Wedding Photography Ideas in GOA!

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Going to tie the knot soon? Planning to get a pre wedding photo shoot done right against the backdrop of the naturally bejeweled state of GOA?! They say that you get married only once, so why not make it memorable?

Comprising of rich green hills, jade fields, golden beaches and sapphire seas, Goa is indeed a nature lover’s paradise for an ideal pre wedding shoot. The beautiful coast of Goa is home to some of the best beaches and thus, serves as the best host for photography for couples!

It’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, so don’t let yours special shoot be a typical old-school photo shoot. Have a look at these amazing pre wedding photography ideas that will help you get that perfect shot that you have imagined in your heads for your pre wedding! And, the best part is that you do not have to be a PRO for getting the best output.

1. Hop on a Yacht:

Blue skies and sea water on all four sides – what can be a more perfect location to capture one of the most important days of your life?

There are a lot of Casino criuses in Goa like –

Most of them are located close to Panaji. You can choose any one of them for you pre wedding shoot in the midst of the sea.

Tips for posing: Get on a yatch, look pretty, relax, lay back, and soak in the sunshine while getting all the moments clicked!

Tips for getting dressed up: Choose casual, comfortable, dark colored and bright clothes to match your vibe with that of the skies! Also, do not forget those sunglasses!

2. Go classic and walk around a fort :

There is a complete list of 11 forts in Goa, from which you can choose the best according to your needs for your pre wedding shoot!

Step in the ruins of the forts in South Goa to add the vintage effect to your pre wed pictures.

These forts can prove to be the most calming and less crowded forts in Goa -

Less people, less disturbances during shooting! Also, some of them provide great views of the sea too!

Tips for posing: Go all filmy – strike a pose from your favourite bollywood movie – and get real candids!

Tips for dressing up: Ladies, put on your favorite flowy dress and shoes and get your man wear a suit matching to your outfit!

3. Go old school in Old Goa:

If you are crazy about the ear of the 60’s and the 70’s or are facsinated about Rome, then this is the place for you in Goa! also, if your partner can not get over the inclination of history then also it is the most appropriate part of the city you should be in for this special day of photoshoot.

Some of the best places here are –

Apart from these, you can head to the following places to give your album an offbeat touch :

  • Viceroys Arch

  • Museum of Christian Art

  • The Wax world musuem

  • Se cathedral

Tips for posing: Just like the place, strike some cliché poses like every couple does! Hold hands, look into each others eyes – anything that comes naturally while seeing your partner!

Tips for dressing up: The classic Whites and Blues will go perfectly with the pictuesque walls and streets of Old Goa!

4. Beaches! Beaches! Beaches!

Of course, while even thinking of Goa, beaches are the first and foremost things that comes to our minds. So, why not include some beautiful beach shots in your pre wedding photo album?

Skip the North – and head to South Goa, as the cleanest shorelines lie there.

  • Varca beach

  • Cavelossim beach

  • Betalbatim beach

  • Agonda beach

  • Colva beach

Tips for posing: Lay down on the sand, splash water romantically on each other or bring out the kid in you by running around the entire beach!

Tip for dressing up: A beach definitely calls for the swimsuits that have been lying in closet since forever! Shorts, tanks, t-shirts,sunglasses and cute pretty hats is all you need!

5. Saturated lanes at Fountainhas:

French vibes in Goan lanes! Fountainhas is filled with colorful streets and houses that will make you fell as if you roaming around in a French city. The houses are all painted in blue, yellow and many more bright colors - which will add a vintage romantic flavor to yourideal pre wedding photo shoot.

Fountainhas is the oldest Latin quarter in Goa, which is very close to the hustle and bustle of the panjim city, but also not affected by the same.

Tips for posing: Twirl around in front of the colorful houses or stand stren on either sides of the artistic gates – these streets will blend in with everything!

Tips for dressing: Imagine you being in France and dress exactly like the image that popped up in your mind. Yes! Floral prints, flowy mini dresses and classic boots can clearly be the right choice.

6. Broken can be beautiful!

Yes, you heard that right. If nothing else, at least the best shots can be taken with broken and old props! There are many areas in Goa, where you can find things which have been abandoned since ages and have turned completely rustic.

The pictures taken against a broken car can give such a beautiful output that you wouldn’t have even imagined. You can find such places easily in North Goa.

Tips for posing: Sit on a rock, stare into distances (or into each other!) and admire the ruins of the surroundings!

Tips for dressing: Go for shades of brown – Beige, Copper, Tan, Sepia, Chestnut, Sienna, Bronze, Chocolate or Russet – and get one with the rustic aura around you.

7. Forests of Goa:

There is a massive forest cover in the eastern part of Goa for a romantic candid pre wedding photo shoot. Grab an opportunity to have a lovely pre wedding photo session right in its canopy. This will definitely make your photoshoot in Goa surreal.

The Chorla ghats in Goa is the perfect choice because of its lush greenery, dense herbage and pleasant climate. Apart from Chorla ghats; Netravali wildlife santuary and Cotigao wildlife santuary can prove to be quite good for getting beautiful shots admist the nature.

Avoid doing a photo shoot here during the monsoons, as it can be quite muddy and tough to walk around. Also, you may encounter a monkey every now and then to photobomb your pictures!

Tips for posing: Play with the trees, smell the flowers (or present them to your partner instead!)or simply lay down in the grass to get an alluring drone shot!

Tips for dressing: An attire contarsting the green trees can make an impressive mark! So, you can go for Red, Orange, Yellow, Baby Pink or Black dresses.

8. Quirky cafes? Yes, please!

Definitely, there are a lot of café’s and restaurants in Goa which are offbeat and quirky. Walls with pretty frames, quotes, bright lightning, beach views, wooden furniture, colorful plates, dim lanterns and quirky paintings can be found in all corners of Goa!

Some of the handpicked, gorgeous, jaw dropping cafes in Goa include –

Tips for posing: Sip on some tea/coffee or your favourite beer, make a toast, eat your favorite desert while holding hands and laugh at your fullest against the backdrop of the beautiful props!

Tips for dressing: Dress up in Light, solid and soothing colors to give an contarsting effect to the pictures.

9. Spread some light on the lighthouses!

Aguada fort and its lighthouse, located on Sinquerim beach, is surrounded by fresh water springs, which can prove to be a great spot for candid photograghy. The four storey lighthouse offers breathtaking panoramic view of lush greenery and a beautiful ocean.

Visit this place early in the morning to capture mesmering pictures with the sunrise. Apart from this, Betul lighthouse is also a popular lighthouse in Goa.

Tips for posing: Walk around the upper part and marvel at the storage chambers, bastions and gun powder room; while your expressions being clicked!

Tips for dressing: Pick up that classy suit and dress to emulate the beauty of the lighthouse!

10. Resort where you are staying:

Make the most use of the resort where you are staying! All resorts in Goa comprises of beautiful lawns, gardens and outdoor sitting areas, which can be completely utislised for getting some best snapshots!

Some of the best resorts in Goa which can serve as the best photography loactions are –

Tips for posing: Take a dip in the swimming pool, sip on some mocktails while unwinding in the backyards, pose while playing Golf in the gardens – and get the pictures which will definitely give a relaxing touch to your entire shoot.

Tips for dressing: Traditional, western, casual – dress like you want – because your resort will complement you in all ways!

Bonus and the most important point – BE YOURSELVES!

Remember those cliché shots where the bride-to-be blushes and looks away while holding hands? How old fashioned, right? That time and era of awkward poses and people giving advices on how to stand is gone.

Make the most of this time, by being natural, by being bold, and utilising the opportunity to understand your partner in a better manner for this special moment of pre wedding shoot.

Eat food from each others plates, recreate your first date, include your best friends or your furry buddies, kiss each other – and give youselves the most deserved fairy tale pre-wedding photoshoot!

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