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Essential Prep: The Wedding Photo Checklist

The most prominent way to avoid disappointment and get the best photography moment you would ever want to have.

Essential Prep: The Wedding Photo Checklist


I recognize what you're supposing - "Do I truly require a wedding photo checklist?" The appropriate response is a reverberating indeed, yet you don't have to stash in your pocket and over and over haul it out and tick things off amid the day! You give your wedding photo checklist to your photographer, so they know precisely what you're wanting to find in your wedding photographs. That way, you'll maintain a strategic distance from a trap that numerous couples fall into where, a half year after the wedding, they end up considering, "I wish I had a photo of me and my Aunty, sister, bestie and so on." And, to make things much less demanding, we've made a free checklist for you to download and print!

Obviously, every great wedding photographer will have their own rundown of vital minutes to catch, however it's as yet a smart thought to make your own, especially if there are key components or individuals you need to get a dose of. Converse with your photographer about whether or not they make a go list, contingent upon their style, some like to catch on the fly, while others may have their own layout.

We've assembled our very own convenient rundown to use as a beginning stage, yet it merits having a consider any additional shots that you may jump at the chance to include, as well. For instance, you may need a gathering representation with your school buddies, a photograph of the stunning signage that your bridesmaid made, a depiction of the evil going ahead in the DIY photobooth, or a photo of the table arrangement that you toiled for a considerable length of time over!

Obviously you most likely won't need these, and many apply to you and your other half. This rundown is extremely a layout for you to develop and alter as you see fit!

Prior to the Big Day

Engagement Shoot/Love Shoot - this is an incredible chance to get settled before the camera and become more acquainted with your photographer.


Wedding Day: Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photo Checklist

  • Preparing

  • Shot of wedding welcome

  • Bride(s) and bridesmaids completing their hair and cosmetics

  • Dress hanging, adornments spread out, shoes and so on.

  • Bunches and buttonholes/corsages

  • Bride(s) putting on dress/cover with assistance from mother of the bride or bridesmaids

  • Bridal gathering having a fabulous time

  • Quit for the day dress points of interest

  • Putting on adornments

  • Putting on shoes

  • Quit for the day bride holding bundle

  • Mother and bride picture

  • Father and bride picture

  • Family shots

  • Bride(s) spending minute alone

  • Bridal gathering strolling down stairs/going out

  • Bride and father in wedding auto/strolling to ceremony

  • Groom(s) and groomsmen preparing

  • Groom(s) spending minute alone

  • Wedding ring shots


First Look

Obviously this is altogether discretionary, yet numerous couples see each other before the ceremony as a method for spending a couple of calm minutes together and additionally banishing any nerves, thus they request that their wedding photographer catch the occasion. Look at our post on First Look Photos for the full lowdown.

  • Couple alone for first look

  • Bridal gathering response if couple enter together

  • The Trip to the Ceremony/Venue

  • Bride(s) and father/mother

  • Bride(s) and bridesmaids/bloom young ladies

  • Groom(s) and groomsmen/page young men

  • Shot of the wedding auto


Wedding Day: Wedding Ceremony Photo Checklist

  • Shots of void venue, including sacred place, blooms, inside and outside subtle elements

  • Groom and groomsmen holding up inside venue

  • Visitors outside and inside venue

  • Ushers distributing program

  • Bride(s) arriving

  • Bride(s) venturing in to the yard

  • Bride(s) and bridesmaids at back of venue

  • Bridal gathering passageway

  • Bride(s) strolling up the walkway

  • Groom's response

  • Father/mother giving bride away

  • Trading of pledges

  • Lighting of solidarity flame

  • Ring conveyor

  • Trading of the rings

  • Members, for example, perusers, the officiant, artists and so on.

  • Marking the enlist

  • The recessional/couple strolling down the walkway

  • Love bird shot

  • Confetti tossing

  • Welcome visitors outside venue

  • Couple in the rearward sitting arrangement of wedding auto


Wedding Day: Post-Ceremony Wedding Photo Checklist

Most couples put aside time after the ceremony for their wedding portraits, in spite of the fact that it's winding up increasingly prominent for couples who have a First Look to take them before the ceremony. Either way, your picture session will likely take between 40 minutes and two hours, contingent upon the area and the shots you require. Converse with your photographer if time is a need for you. Try to prepare a rundown of the considerable number of individuals you need in the portraits, and in addition the particular mixes you require. It's likewise a smart thought to solicit a dear companion outside from the bridal party to work with the photographer on gathering individuals together.

Couple Shots

  • Portraits of the couple alone

  • Portraits of bride/groom without anyone else

Bridal Party

  • Couple with bridesmaids/groomsmen

  • Couple with whole wedding party

  • Bride(s) with bridesmaids/cleaning specialist of respect

  • Groom(s) and groomsmen/bestman

  • Couple with any kids in the wedding party



  • Couple with every one of each arrangement of guardians

  • Couple with the two arrangements of guardians

  • Couple with kin

  • Couple with close relatives

Casual shots

  • Shots with companions

  • Shots of visitors eating, drinking, and talking

  • A particular gatherings of companions, eg. school buddies, classmates, partners


Wedding Day: Wedding Reception Photo Checklist

On the off chance that somebody has made something for your reception - like a companion who heated the cake or a close relative who sewed the hitting - it's a pleasant plan to add that to the rundown to you can give them a photo of their convenient work!

  • The reception space set up, before room tops off

  • Subtle elements and room style shots, including table settings, put cards, favors, highlights and so forth.

  • Wedding cake detail shots

  • Couple arriving

  • Toasts and addresses

  • Cutting the cake

  • The main move

  • Bride(s) hitting the dance floor with father/groom(s) hitting the dance floor with mother

  • Couple blending with visitors

  • Visitors moving

  • Performers, singers, DJ


Obviously, getting the wedding photographs you had always wanted additionally expects you to discover a wedding photographer whose work and style you worship, so it's essential to dedicate time and push to finding the perfect individual for the activity! What's more, we've additionally got heaps of tips on the most proficient method to pick your wedding photographer in the following accommodating post.

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