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Isn’t it more of a dream to get your pre-wedding shoot done right in the middle of crystal blue waters?

Holding the hands of your partner and walking on the white sands while overlooking the mountains? Or just the opposite – Taking a bumpy camel ride in the deserts and bursting out in multiple laughs?

Whether it’s amidst the mountains or on a beach, in between the barren lands or in the middle of an ocean – we at MADHURANG STUDIO, make every place seem exceptionally beautiful while shooting your happy moments!

Not only in India, but we also bring you the best places for pre-wedding shoots internationally. The popular places where our experienced team has organized pre-wedding shoots in September 2019 includes Thailand, Goa, Jaisalmer, Madhya Pradesh, and Igatpuri and many more!

Entire September has been extraordinarily amazing as we did the highest pre-wedding shoots in this month as compared to any other photographer in the industry. The month has been such a whirlwind that it closely imitates our entire journey of 20 years at Madhurang Studio. Our goal-driven and dedicated team has now set a benchmark in the photography industry.

It was a fantastic journey to shoot with so many couples from completely different backgrounds, knowing their story, understanding their journey, shooting out their emotions and giving our level best to deliver what they’d love to hold for a lifetime. Every couple wants to see the actual relation they share on the screen and not the one we would like to fit them in.

We can’t express how fascinating the journey was to portrait each couple in their own story with the medium of artistic photography & cinematography, and that’s the passion. Everybody sees the couple through the lens of our camera so, that makes a huge impact who your narrator is.

Appreciation stands not where someone says it was a fabulous shot, but in the candidness, we share where each-n-every close member would say they are actually the same as featured on the screen. Portraying the reality is our passion. We capture moments that will bring you back to the moment, making it so fresh like it happened just a moment before.

How are we managing to achieve our goals?

Consistent efforts – It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. Our team has always given consistent efforts for producing the best content and shoots to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied.

Sleepless nights – When it comes to executing the work you love, hours do not matter. Madhurang’s team is always on its toes, pulling whole weekdays and weekends together preparing for the pre-wedding as well as wedding shoots!

Never-ending enthusiasm – The energy and enthusiasm in our team is impeccable. Producing unbeatable and great quality outcomes are streaming in our blood!

Passion for capturing moments - Our entire team is highly passionate about shooting and that has lead all the hard work to convert into remarkable results. After all, what’s the kick in doing things if you don’t have passion for it?!

Let’s spread some light on some amazing shots that we have taken during this month’s journey!

Got some great ideas for your dream pre-wedding? Call now on +919898422612 to book an equally dreamy and amazing photoshoot with Madhurang studio!

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